Reduce time-to-market drastically

Reduce time-to-market drastically

If you are building a SaaS project or a mobile application, time to market is critical. The sooner you can release new features, the better. However, quality must not suffer as a result of an early release. So what is the key to getting new software to market efficiently?

We think it is a combination of using cloud services, automation and outsourcing to ship software to market quickly.

Cloud service

Pre-built and well-tested cloud services save you development time and money and give you access to a wide range of possibilities. With APIstax, you can integrate services such as rendering a PDF from HTML, generating an EPC QR code, verifying VIES VAT numbers or performing a reverse geocode query in minutes. Our SaaS services are hosted in the cloud in Austria and run redundantly: 24/7 up and running.

Cloud services vs. In-House development

We, instant:solutions OG, as the developers of APIstax, have gone through these decisions ourselves and realised that the time required for software development can be drastically reduced by simply integrating third-party services.

Time-to-market chart

The diagram shows our experience of implementing services that we have outsourced to APIstax. The integration of the VAT verification interface alone saves us 95% of development time.

Source: instant:solutions OG, software development measurements


The second part is automation. By using Continuous Integration pipelines and builds, your software releases become reproducible and tested with unit and integration tests.


Last but not least, it is advantageous to cover peaks with external staff. If you have such a need, we at instant:solutions OG would be happy to support you.

Ship fast

To summarise, we think it makes sense to look at the three parts of delivering software quickly.

  1. Use cloud services such as APIstax
  2. Automation with Continuous Integration
  3. Rely on external staff for peaks