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APIstax is the one-stop-shop for APIs, to focus on business logic, not day-to-day tasks! Create PDFs from HTML, generate EPC QR codes, check VAT numbers, geocode addresses or load consumer price indexes. Just drop in the client SDK and get started!

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What is APIstax?

APIstax is a collection of REST endpoints to process day-to-day tasks. It comes with a handy dashboard to manage your API keys and a full featured documentation.

Developed and hosted in Austria
Privacy by design: No data is stored

Why APIstax?

APIstax was developed to handle the mundane tasks that come with every SaaS project. It is a collection of secure and reliable APIs for your common business needs.

GDPR compliant
Operated in the European Union


APIstax offers you a variety of ways to integrate the APIs. Simply use one of the client SDKs in your new or existing SaaS project and save countless hours of development time!

A complete Java client implementation for the APIstax platform.
A complete PHP client implementation for the APIstax platform.
Quarkus APIstax is a complete Java client implementation for the APIstax platform.
Generate a client from our OpenAPI document (formerly known as a Swagger document).
You can simply call the REST APIs without using a client.

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Use the pregenerated API key or create one yourself


Integrate one of the clients!

Or generate it by yourself using the OpenAPI document. Now you are able to start calling the endpoints.

HTML to PDF: Generate PDF files using HTML content as request payload.

EPC QR Code: Generate EPC QR Codes to use it on your invoices and payment requests.

VAT Verification: Validate VAT numbers for EU countries, Switzerland, Norway, Iceland and United Kingdom.

Geocoding: Convert a known address to geo-coordinates.

Reverse Geocoding: Convert geo-coordinates to a postal address.

Indexes: List various, always up-to-date indexes like consumer price index for many countries.

Swiss QR Invoice: Generate Swiss QR bills to use it on your invoice documents.

Invoice PDF: Create beautiful PDF invoices just from JSON data



Yes, you are done. Just start building the fancy stuff and leave the day-to-day tasks to APIstax.


That's it. It's that simple!



Call the HTML to PDF endpoint with your payload.

APIstax HTML to PDF output
APIstax HTML to PDF input


The processed payload as PDF - done in a bunch of milliseconds.

HTML to PDF example using the APIstax Java Client

Give it
a try!

For whom?

APIstax is for developers!

It is supposed to be the only SDK you need to process your recurring tasks efficiently and quickly. Integrate it in your new or existing SaaS project and start building the fancy stuff!

And your manager will love the benefit of lowering the development costs!

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